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What is the delivery term of the products I ordered?
Products ordered by you are usually delivered within 48 hours, for deliveries within the Netherlands.

Do I get a discount for high volume orders?
Discounts apply to some products when ordering large numbers. The discount is listed next to the relevant product.

LED lights

Can I replace my old bulbs with MultiLEDlight without further adjustment?
Our MultiLEDlight fits regular E10 and E14 fittings and caps. In the event of doubt, you can of course always contacts us and we will look into the options with you.

I have fittings from a different supplier. Are they compatible with your caps?
In most cases, our caps also fit other fittings. If this is not the case, we have special adaptor rings. For further information, please feel free to contact us.

What is understood to be a small fitting and what is a large fitting?
A small fitting is referred to us as an E10 fitting. A large fitting is an E14 fitting.

What parts do I need for string lighting?
In order to create a single point of light on a string-light cable, you need an E14 fitting for a flat string-light cable, with and E14 Base and Cover and a fitting LED or light bulb.

What MultiLEDlight colours are available?
MultiLEDlight is available in the colours cool daylight (only 230 Volt), warm-white, red, blue and green.

What is the difference between shock-resistant and the ordinary 230V10W bulb?
The shock-resistant bulb has a reinforced filament and as such is better equipped to survive jolting. This bulb will last for longer, particularly in combination with a string-light cable.

Can I link up LED Neon-flex segments?
LED Neon-flex products are pre-assembled by us. If you want to add or exchange segments, we can arrange this for you. For a no-obligation offer, please feel free to contact us.

Part of my LED Neon Flex is no longer working. Can I repair this myself?
LED Neon-flex products are pre-assembled by us. If you want to add or exchange segments, we can arrange this for you. For a no-obligation offer, please feel free to contact us.

Can I order LED Mushrooms as a complete set?
The LED Mushroom lights are available as a complete set with pre-assembled string-light cable.

Full Colour prints

Can you make designs for full colour prints?
We work together with renowned designers and also have an in-house department for the design of full colour prints. The designs can be made entirely in accordance with your ideas and preferences. We will be happy to assists you further by telephone or e-mail.

Smart LED

If I want to use Smart LEDs for my (fun-fair) attraction, can I install it myself?
Since the installation of Smart LEDs involves programming, we will arrange this for you. Since we have all necessary knowledge in-house, we can achieve the best possible result for you.

Do you have a device driver for the Smart LEDs?
The device drivers for Smart LEDs are customised for each project. For a complete offer, please feel free to contact us.


What is the interspacing on a strip light?
On a standard strip light, 12 E14 lights are installed per meter. A total of 16 lights are installed in the event of E10. Other distances are always possible, as we punch the holes in the light strips ourselves.

How can I use LED Ribbon on my (fun-fair) attraction?
LED Ribbons are often used as lighting underneath the loading ramp or tailboard. But you can also use them in steps or as vehicle marker lights.

Can you use LED Ribbon both indoors and outdoors or do I have to order different products?
Our product range offers different products, for use both indoors and outdoors. LED Ribbon for use outdoors is cast in silicon to prevent water penetration.

Halogen spots

When the light in a Dichroic fitting is broken, can I just order a new light or do I have to order a complete new fitting?
A Dichroic fitting is fitted with a halogen bulb. You can open up the fitting by removing the screws and simply replacing the bulb. You can read out the type and wattage from the old bulb. Use this information to order your new bulb in our web shop.