Fixture for halogen lighting 1000 Watt

Halogeen armatuur 1000 Watt

€ 35,00 € 42,35 Include VAT

Fixture for halogen spot lighting Excellent 1000W

Halogeen armatuur 1000 Watt - excellent

€ 55,00 € 66,55 Include VAT

Halogen tube lamp 1000 Watt R7S

Halogeen buislamp 1000 Watt R7S

€ 5,90 € 7,14 Include VAT

How do halogen spots work?

A halogen spot is a tube, filled with an inert gas under high pressure. A small amount of halogen (bromine or iodine) is added to this gas. From this addition, the halogen light takes its name. A halogen light has a slightly higher efficiency and a longer life than a regular incandescent bulb or a fluorescent tube, but it does give much less efficiency than an LED light. The life extension by the addition of halogens is caused by a chemical reaction, in which the evaporated tungsten of the filament is repeatedly returned to the filament.

Types of halogen spots

Our range of halogen spots includes halogen spot fixtures for 230Volt/1000Watt. Furthermore, we also supply Dichro colour glass for halogen spots in various colours. Dichro glass seems to change colour when you look at it from a certain angle. In addition, the permeable colour differs from the reflected colour. Defective halogen spots can usually be replaced yourself. Our website is available to order halogen spots quickly and easily. If you have problems with our site or if you have specific questions or comments, please contact our professionals.