Carnival lighting

Multilight has been a specialist for decades in creating beautiful and eye-catching carnival lighting for floats and other carnival themes. In addition to lighting for carnival, Multilight also designs and produces lighting objects for funfairs and amusement parks and lighting for market stalls, decors, food trucks and LED shows.

Why Multilight?

Are you active in the organization of carnival activities? Then, of course, you want an activity so beautiful that visitors will talk for a longtime about their unforgettable experience. This also applies to those who participate in the carnival parade as a constructor of floats. Especially when the parade is in the evening, your illuminated float should generate enthusiastic reactions because of the colourful and eye-catching lighting objects. Multilight' s team has a lot of experience and craftsmanship in designing and producing lighting objects for carnival activities. In our own design and production department, our professionals are optimally serving you to make your float or other carnival activity a real crowd-puller. At Multilight you are assured of expert advice and in good consultation with you we make the most beautiful lighting objects for an unforgettable carnival party.

View carnival lighting with Multilight lighting


Spectators enjoy your illuminated float thanks to Multilight' s colourful and eye-catching lighting objects.


How does Multilight create carnival lighting?

Multilight thinks along with you about the possibilities for designing and producing a totally new design for your float or other carnival theme, but also renovating your existing float or old carnival decorations is possible. After an agreement on the design of your carnival decorations follows assembly of the colourful LED lighting and the corresponding control. You will be amazed by a brilliant product!

Do you want to replace parts?

Defective parts of your carnival lighting can usually be replaced yourself. Our website is available to order all parts quickly and easily. If you have problems with our site or if you have specific questions or comments, please contact our professionals.

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