Multilight is a specialist in full colour printing for the creation of beautiful and eye-catching objects for funfairs, attractions, market stalls and food trucks. We can design and produce a completely new full colour object, but also a facelift of existing decorations is possible.

Are you active at funfairs or theme and amusement parks or do you have a market stall or a food truck? Then, of course, you want an attractive looking activity that attracts many visitors. This can be done with images in full colour printing, possibly in combination with LED lighting.

What is full colour printing?

Full colour printing uses four colours that make all colours. These are the CMYK colours, which stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key, where Key is often black. Full colour printing uses four separate printing runs where it is very important that the four separate colours are printed exactly on each other. Multilight' s advanced printer ensures the best quality result. After printing, this result is covered with a high gloss laminate for a nice effect and UV resistance.

How does Multilight create full color printing?

In our own design department, our creative professionals make a brilliant design for your attraction, market stall, food truck or other object, of course in good consultation with you. After you agree to this design, our production department will start working. The desired images are carried out full colour on high-quality adhesive foil and finished with UV-resistant high gloss laminate. Then dibond plates are covered with the foil, followed by the mounting of colourful LED lighting and the corresponding control. The result is always a brilliant object!

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"With images in full color printing, Multilight turns your attraction, market stall, food truck or other object into a real crowd-puller."

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