Smart LED spots are spotlights with individually controlled LED blocks providing flashy moving effects. Smart LED spotlights are used in attractions and at events. Multilight' s smart LED spots have a very bright full colour look and the possibilities are endless. Furthermore, our smart LED spotlights are waterproof, energy efficient and easy to use.

Why Multilight?

If you want an attraction or event to get a lot of attention, Multilight' s smart LED spots are very suitable. Multilight' s team has a lot of experience and craftsmanship in designing and producing smart LED spotlights for funfairs, amusement parks, market stalls, food trucks and events. In our own design and production department, our professionals are optimally serving you to give your attraction the desired attention. At Multilight you are assured of expert advice and in good consultation with you we make the most beautiful smart LED spotlights, including control. If desired, the program for the control of the spots can be reprogrammed after some time.

Do you want to replace parts?

Defective parts of your smart LED spots can usually be replaced yourself. Our website is available to order all parts quickly and easily, such as:  Smart LED spots,  Smart LED controllers,  Smart LED drivers of 230V/36V with a power of: o 35 Watt; o 60 Watt; o 100 Watt; o 200 Watt; o 240 Watt; o 320 Watt.

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