With Multilight illuminated advertising your company get noticed. Not only in the dark, but also during the day it is a real eye-catcher. Our custom-made luminous objects are suitable as illuminated advertising signs or illuminated façade advertising. Façade advertising lighting is, among others, possible with illuminated advertising letters. Multilight illuminated advertising always leaves a lasting impression. 

LED illuminated advertising

With a view to sustainability, Multilight mainly produces LED illuminated advertising. Our LED lighting complies with the latest techniques and therefore uses much less energy and has a lifespan of approximately 30 years. The advantages of LED are the low power consumption and the simple production and assembly. In addition to the standard LED lighting, Power LEDs are also available. Power LEDs have a higher light output than standard LED lamps, but they do use more energy and are therefore more expensive to use and purchase.

Types of illuminated advertising letters

The creative and motivated professionals of Multilight produce custom-made illuminated advertising. Our luminous objects are of excellent quality, easy-to-use and energy efficient. The following illuminated advertising letters are possible, both for an illuminated advertising sign and for an illuminated façade advertising:

  • Letters on a light box are translucent sticky letters on an aluminium box with LED lighting so that the letters are clearly visible.
  • Façade letters are illuminated via a cove with LED lighting above the façade advertising, emitting light on the façade letters.
  • An illuminated channel letter can be lit directly or indirectly. In case of directly illuminated channel letters, the light radiates to the front through a translucent front. In case of indirectly illuminated channel letters, the light radiates to the back on the surface.

Multilight also produces a lot of façade lighting with LEDs in Multilight caps. The advertising text is formed by the loose caps and thus gets a beautiful retro look.

Questions about illuminated advertising?

Do you have questions about our illuminated advertising, for example about illuminated advertising signs or LED illuminated advertising? Please feel free to contact us! Our professionals are happy to help you.

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