1. Faulty product

Did you receive a faulty product or did the product break down in the first few days after purchase? Submit your complaint here and we will call you to discuss what we can do for you. If possible, we will exchange the faulty product as soon as possible.

2. Submitting a product-related complaint

Complaint or defect within the warranty period
If you submit a complaint in relation to a product, we verify whether the warranty provisions as described in the general terms and conditions are applicable to your situation. If the complaint is justified, Multilight BV will arrange for a replacement product or for the purchase amount to be refunded.

Complaint or defect outside the warranty period
Even if the (manufacturer's) warranty has lapsed, your complaint may still be justified and upheld. If it is reasonable to expect that a product should still be working after a certain period during which it was used normally and the product broke down due to no fault of yours, we will arrange for the product to be repaired or have it replaced. We will in any case ensure that the complaint is dealt with swiftly.

Sometimes it is reasonable to partially pay for the costs yourself. For example, if you have been able to use the product normally for a prolonged period of time and the repair enables you to further extend this period. Or if you are offered a new product, whereas you have been using the old product for a prolonged period of time. If it is deemed reasonable to pass on part of the costs, we will notify you of this in advance.

3. Warranty period

Did you purchase a product from us and it breaks down after a certain period of time? When handling product-related complaints, we of course adhere to the law and the general terms and conditions of the Metal Industry Union. The warranty provisions set out below are without prejudice to the rights you enjoy as a consumer by law.

Minimum of 1 year warranty
Multilight BV warrants all products you purchase from us for a period of 1 year, with the exception of light bulbs and other light sources.

Manufacturer's warranty
As a standard, Multilight BV warrants all products you purchase from us for a period of 1 year. In most cases manufacturers offer a warranty period of more than 1 year, the so-called manufacturer's warranty. If applicable, the term and provisions of this manufacturer's warranty are set out in the user manual of the product.

4. Repair costss

Within the warranty period
If the complaint is justified, all costs for exchanging or repairing products (including callout and/or dispatch costs) within the warranty period will be at the expense of Multilight BV.

Outside the warranty period
In the event of repairs or exchanges outside the warranty period, it is sometimes reasonable to (partially) pay for the costs yourself. If costs are involved for you in order to resolve the product-related complaint, we will notify you in advance.

Justified complaint
The complaint is justified if not a result of:

  • damage due to intent or negligence
  • improper use or failure to carry out maintenance
  • normal wear and tear and/or
  • damage due to failing to observe the user instructions or applying them incorrectly