Controller Multicolour Led Pixel 230V/5V

Controller Smart Led Pixel 230V/5V - 4P

€ 222,00 €268,62 Inc. VAT

Controller Multicolour Led Pixel 230V/5V

Controller Smart Led Pixel 230V/5V - 8P

€ 268,00 €324,28 Inc. VAT

Controller Multicolour Led Pixel 230V/5V 8P Live

€ 481,00 €582,01 Inc. VAT

Write Code Controller (UCS512)

€ 0,00 €0,00 Inc. VAT

Remote control LED Ribbon RGB 24V/140W

Remote controller LED Ribbon RGB 24V/140W

€ 49,00 €59,29 Inc. VAT

Why Multilight?

If you want a lot of attention, you can opt for objects with RGB LED lighting. Multilight' s team has a lot of experience and craftsmanship in designing and producing objects with RGB LED lighting and the corresponding RGB controllers for funfairs, amusement parks, market stalls and food trucks. In our own design and production department, our professionals are optimally serving you to give your object the desired attention. At Multilight you are assured of expert advice and in good consultation with you we make the most beautiful objects with RGB LED lighting, including controllers. The lighting control program may be reprogrammed at any time. In addition, the system can be expanded indefinitely and synchronized with other LED products. Of course, our RGB led lighting objects meet all safety requirements.

Types of RGB controllers

RGB corresponds to the colors red, green and blue. With an RGB LED, these three colors are mixed in one LED, allowing all other colors (including yellow and white). To get an extra strobe effect, some products are equipped with extra white LEDs.

Multilight delivers LED controllers with various outputs. The Controller Smart Led Pixel 230V/5V is available with 1 output for up to 2,048 LEDs, with 4 outputs for up to 4,096 LEDs and with 8 outputs for up to 8,192 LEDs. With these LED controllers, a button is available to choose different programs.